Supriya Kharod

Watercolor artist based in Austin, TX (USA).

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Artist Statement:
I strive to depict the beautiful friendship between Water and Color. My watercolor paintings are visceral and impressionistic expressions of life and nature, inspired by the mid-20th century color field painters and other watercolor titans. After meticulously planning the shapes, values, colors, and composition of a painting, I sit back and allow the pigment to float in the water and settle as it wills. This relinquishing of control creates the beautiful granular result that is unique to the medium of watercolor.

At Day’s End (artist’s collection)

Why Watercolor?

When I first explored the medium of watercolor, I was mesmerized. The way the paint flowed, mixed, and eventually dried on the paper—creating sparkling, translucent layers—was nothing short of magical. Unlike oil or acrylic, which can be controlled, watercolor has a mind of its own. So, either you accept the lack of control and enjoy the journey, or call it “too hard” and decide to give up. I chose to accept and enjoy.

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The Bat Bridge (private collection)
The City Left Behind (private collection)

My graphic design and advertising backgrounds reflect strongly in my paintings. My compositions are dynamic and use bold shapes and colors. They seek to tell a story or evoke an emotion. I paint both in series as well as individual pieces. Throughout this site, look for paintings that have a semi-abstract, powerful sun as the focal point. These paintings are part of my ongoing Sunrise-Sunset series. Also, look for scenes of life in Austin or subjects that reflect my Indian heritage.

Golden Hour (available)
Traversing the Western Ghats (available)

My latest body of work pushes the graphic envelope even further. I call this style ‘Contemporary-Retro.’ Looks-wise, it is a massive departure from a traditional watercolor painting; yet technique-wise, it incorporates traditional layering and glazing techniques. These paintings (like the train above) are composed of large, angular shapes and intentionally flat patches of color. Minimally-detailed people provide bursts of color throughout the landscape. Despite the contemporary style, there is a retro vibe, and depicting realism takes a back seat to evoking nostalgia.

︎︎︎ If you see a painting on this site that captivates you, let me know! It may be available. I am also accepting commissions for 2024.

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Prices shown on website are before sales tax and S&H.
©2023 Supriya Kharod.
©2023 Supriya Kharod. Prices shown on website are before sales tax and S&H.