Supriya Kharod

Watercolor artist based in Austin, TX (USA).

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Artist Statement:
I strive to depict the beautiful friendship between Water and Color. My watercolor paintings are visceral and impressionistic expressions of life and nature, inspired by the mid-20th century color field painters and other watercolor titans. After meticulously planning the shapes, values, colors, and composition of a painting, I sit back and allow the pigment to float in the water and settle as it wills. This relinquishing of control creates the beautiful granular result that is unique to the medium of watercolor.

Getting Your Taco Fix on S. First

Original watercolor
Image size: 10 x 12
Framed size: 16 x 20

Torchy’s Tacos started as a food truck when the Austin food truck scene was just getting going in the early 2000s. Now, it has grown with over 70 locations across the nation. This painting, done in the ‘Contemporary-Retro’ style, is of the original location on S. First St. that is no longer around today.

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©2023 Supriya Kharod.
©2023 Supriya Kharod. Prices shown on website are before sales tax and S&H.