green coffee shop in austin with mural

Coffee and Some Love Served Here

Original watercolor
Image size: 10 x 11.5
Framed size: 16 x 20
Sold (prints available)

This painting of Jo’s Coffee on S. Congress in Austin with its iconic “I love you so much” mural is in the ‘Contemporary-Retro’ style. In 2010, local musician Amy Cook took a can of red spray paint to write a beautiful and simply scripted love letter to her partner Liz Lambert, majority owner at Jo’s. With the already high foot traffic at the location, an immediate influx of people sought out the wall, taking photos with friends and lovers alike. The site quickly went viral. Then, in 2011, the public love letter was vandalized. The wall was painted its original green and, several weeks later, the couple restored the identifiable love note to its rightful spot. Today, both locals and visitors flock to take pictures with their loved ones (and post on social media) in front of the mural as it is a testament ot all great things in Austin.

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©2023 Supriya Kharod.
©2023 Supriya Kharod. Prices shown on website are before sales tax and S&H.