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Supriya Kharod is an artist and author from Austin, TX. After a brief career as an art director in advertising, she realized it was exactly what she didn’t want to do. So, she taught herself how to paint in watercolor—a highly unpredictable medium! Today, her paintings and prints can be found in private collections internationally, as well as in shows and galleries locally.

Reflections on Art, Life, and Italy is Supriya’s first book and features her paintings and sketches of Italy, along with reflections on her art process and on life. In addition to watercolor and drawing, she enjoys vegetable gardening, martial arts, playing tabla and guitar, spending time with family, and trying to perfect Neapolitan pizza at home.


My watercolors and sketches are inspired by my excursions both around the world and, especially, in my “weird” city of Austin, TX. My entire life has been filled with color and my paintings reflect it. As I look back, I find that watercolor has helped the former perfectionist in me loosen up, because I’ve learned to let the paint flow how it wishes and to enjoy the results. This mentality has spilled over into my non-painting life as well and has improved my overall way of living. I wish to share that same joy and freedom with my audiences. My first book Reflections on Art, Life, and Italy was published in 2021 through Sunset Valley Press and features my paintings and sketches of Italy, along with reflections on my art process and on life. See more at www.supriyakharod.com.


I believe in using any skills and talent I have to help my community. To that extent, I support local organizations by donating paintings and prints to select fundraisers. If you are an organization interested in soliciting a donation, please contact me.

Past donations:
• Silk Road Gala – Asian Family Support Services of Austin (AFSSA)
• Paramount Theater Gala
• Ovation Gala – Greater Austin Asian Chamber of Commerce (GAACC)
• Friends of the Westbank Library
• Agni Foundation’s Un-Gala
• Any Baby Can
• Texas Trial Lawyers Association (TTLA)
• Texas Law Fellowships (TLF)