(it’s sue-PREE-ya, car-ROAD)

I strive to depict the beautiful friendship between Water and Color. My watercolor paintings are stylized expressions of life and nature. I select bright and colorful palettes solely to elevate the viewer’s spirit. My style fluctuates between ‘contemporary-retro’ whimsy and semi-abstract impressionism.

Supriya Kharod is an artist and author in Austin, TX. She began her career as an art director in advertising, but soon realized it was not something she wanted to do her entire life. So, in 2004, she embarked upon her watercolor journey.

Supriya has been painting, exhibiting, and selling her work professionally since 2017. Inspired by her Indian heritage, excursions around the world, and everyday life in the “weird” city of Austin, TX, she explores and experiments with the medium of watercolor. Her most recent body of work, which utilizes flat shapes, bold strokes, and unexpected colors, can best be described stylistically as “contemporary-retro” with a touch of whimsy.

In 2021, Supriya published her first book Reflections on Art, Life, and Italy, which features her paintings and sketches of Italy, along with reflections on her art process and on life. She is planning to write two follow-up books about Austin and India. In addition to her painting, Supriya serves on the City of Sunset Valley’s Arts Commission, and is an active member of Waterloo Watercolor Group and Capitol Art Society. Her Austin prints are carried by Prima Dora (S. Congress) and Prima Dora, Georgetown.

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