Samosas & Spaghetti

Solo exhibition featuring my watercolors of India & Italy. Exhibit runs from from July 2 – September 30, and is presented by Art 84 at Cannon Coffee.

When I think of my travels through India and Italy, I recall the colors, the tastes, the sounds, and the energy of life. Although the two countries are thousands of miles apart and dissimilar in many ways, they both energize me similarly and excite me to paint. 

I paint exclusively in watercolor because I like its “fluid” look. By using quick, dynamic, and impressionistic strokes, the colorful pigments and water work magic as they run, mingle, and dry on paper. I like to use granular watercolor paints—where the pigment is coarsely ground—so it settles into the nooks of the paper when used with plenty of water, and creates interesting visual texture when it dries. You can see this effect in many areas of my paintings, but especially in skies and backgrounds.

Enjoy photos from the opening reception (p/c Art 84).